Are you fed up with poorly designed homes that don't meet your family's needs? 

In the design stage we think about how you would use the space and provide above average room sizes. Then our craftsmen take our designs and deliver a high standard of finish.

We are always interested to hear from investors who would like to achieve above average earnings on their money.  

In addition, we also run a property development training company and show aspiring property developers and self-builders how to find off market land.  Please navigate to the the menu bar above and select find land.

Our Philosophy

We look to build houses that we would be proud to show our friends around and call our own. 

The first question we ask ourselves when looking at a new potential site is "Would we live there?" 

Only when we can say a resounding "Yes" will be take on that site. After all, if we are not happy with it, how can we expect our clients to be. 

Our team

We have a small dedicated team who are committed to serving our clients needs.  

Jim J Davidson

Managing Director




Sales & Marketing

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